Short Hiatus by De-Lerias
January 22nd, 2018, 1:25 pm
I promise it won't be 4 years, more like a month. I've been thinking about Shurale a lot. My experiment is over. I've got a great base to work with. I'm going to reboot Shurale. Not much is going to change save a few things I want to add to the storyline to make it richer. Which will, in turn, make Fairytales even better.

Do this I'm going take another road, it's Gumroad. It's like Patreon but way more flexible. What I like about this is that I'm able to make subscriptions and individual products. It's way more flexible
I can do subscriptions and individual products.

The goal for the comics is 3.50 a month via subscription or individually. I'll be able to update everyone via email once a month.

I'll still post art here and post updates about how everythings going. Thanks for sticking with me since I started. I'll be back soon! See ya'll on March 1st!